Wireless water and flood detector with telephone dialer

Flood Detector Water damage to a home, is often one of the last things on a homeowners mind, yet it can be a costly source of damage to walls, floors, carpets, and furniture. The most common household appliances accountable for this are washing machines and ice makers.

The easiest solution is to purchase water and flood sensors, to help detect early signs of a water problem. Some systems operate solely off an alarm, which notifies owners of a potential water threat. Other systems actually turn off the source of the water, eliminating an overflow and saving your home from the harmful effects of flooding.

Water and flood sensors can easily be installed anywhere a potential leak might occur: under faucets, behind the washing machine, around the water heater, and behind the dishwasher. The one thing to watch out for is areas with high humidity or condensation, for they can trigger a false alarm.