Wireless Security Cameras – What To Know Before Buying?

When it comes to wireless security cameras there are several things you need to know.

Wireless cameras typically use a built-in video transmitter and a separate video receiver. When installed the video signal is sent on a particular frequency (900 MHz or 2.GHz for example) to the receiver where the receiver is connected to either a security monitor or DVR device.

While the camera sends signals wirelessly it still needs to have a dedicated power supply (usually in the form of a standard wall plug, sometimes with a battery backup).

So to say they are completely wireless is not a completely accurate statement. It’s main advantage over wired cameras is that you don’t have to run hundreds of feet of video cable throughout your house.

Because you are wireless you are limited in the maximum number of cameras you can have on a given frequency (typically 4 cameras per frequency). But for most home uses 4 to 8 cameras are more than enough.

You are also limited to the distance the wireless camera is from the receiver (some are up to 450ft of UNOBSTRUCTED range). So keep that in mind when looking at wireless security camera systems.

If you are going to put it on the other side of a 3 foot concrete wall, a wireless system may not work, or you may have to think strategically on where you will be placing the receiver.

Remember that the farther away or more obstructions a camera is from the receiver, the weaker the signal, which may also affect picture quality.

A nice thing about wireless cameras is that they are easily mobile. So if you don’t like the location of a camera, or better yet, you move to a new home, you can take your wireless system with you. This is something that you can’t do with a wired camera system.

Many of the wireless systems now allow you to view your cameras remotely via mobile device or computer (Also see Internet Security Cameras).

So if you think you want to be able to view your camera feeds remotely consider this when looking at the various types of cameras.
Personal Recommendation:

One of the wireless systems that I like is the Lorex LW2700 Digital Wireless Camera system with Built-in Video Recorder/Intercom and Indoor/Outdoor Motion Cameras with 2-way Audio.

You get a wireless range of 450 feet, and 40 feet of night vision. The wireless receiver is built-in to a 7 inch LCD screen that records what the wireless camera captures to a SD card.

It has a built-in motion sensor so you can record only when motion is detected. Five preloaded scenery images give you a digital picture frame simulation when no motion is detected by the cameras.

Overall, it’s one of the better wireless security camera systems I’ve found – for a reasonable price. And it’s highly rated by both experts and users.