Why Get A Home Security System?

The FBI states that every fifteen seconds someone’s home is being broken into somewhere across the U S A. A home security system is a must have to keep your family and possessions safe. The crime rate is only projected to go up and property crimes have already been on the increase every year. Property crimes include vandalism and home invasion, and a home security system can help protect you from both of these things.

Fortunately as these crimes increase so do the technology in home security systems required to stop them. You can now have full protection over your entire home and even yard with advancements such as motion activated triggers and drive way alarms that tell you each and every time someone is driving or walking into your driveway. Lights sensitive to motion also do a lot in keeping burglars away.

People create many reasons why they do not need a home security system such as owning guns which only works if you are there, awake and able to shoot a robber before he shot you if he had his own gun. Other common reasons are that someone will always be home, which only works on the premise that robbers never attack when there is someone there. Which most break-ins happen at night when people are there sleeping. Some also think that the live in a good neighborhood so it will never happen to them. However, in any town you can look at the newspaper a few days in a row and see plenty of break-ins occurring.

Another major issue is cost. But there are a wide variety of burglar alarms that fit into almost any budget and small affordable home security systems are popping up everywhere as they become more available to the general public. Remember that something is always better than nothing and if you can afford one motion activated trigger across your front door, then that is making you and your family that much safer. Most features that the best home security systems have are usually relativity inexpensive anyway and unless you are guarding a presidential suite against terrorists you need not spend thousands of dollars to protect your home. Features like magnetic contact for windows so they cannot be opened from the outside or glass break sensors and simple video monitors and motion detectors will fit into most budgets with some improvisation.

If you are still worried about the monetary costs try a call to your home owners insurance company and see if they are associated with any particular home security system or systems. Your insurance company will often offer you a discount for using the brand they endorse. Also it will certainly lower you premiums on them each month than sticking with one you picked out on your own. Remember there are many reasons to get a home security system set up in your home and all the reasons not to, can be worked around.