What is temporary car insurance for under 21?

Young drivers have to pay the most for insurance because they’re deemed to be in a high risk category and therefore more likely to make a claim. Short term car insurance under 21 can be even more costly.

But there are lots of steps you can take if you need short term car insurance under 21and you don’t want it to cost the earth.

What is temporary car insurance for under 21?

Short term car insurance works in the same way as an annual policy and will in general cover you for the same things.

The only difference is that a temporary policy is held for a shorter time, which can be as little as one day.

Why do I need short term car insurance?

If you’re aged 21 or under then there are lots of reasons you might need car insurance for a long time.

If you’re a student you could need to borrow a vehicle to transport your things to your halls of residence.

Perhaps you are travelling to another part of the country for a few days and will have the use of someone else’s car.

You might have bought a new car and need insurance to drive it way from the dealership, or you could be using a car on a temporary basis whilst waiting for a new vehicle to arrive.

Whatever your reasons for needing short term car insurance it’s always advisable to shop around to find the best deals available.

Do your homework

You may have thought your days of doing homework were over but if you want to find the best deal you can on short term car insurance under 21 then you need to spend time shopping around for different deals.

Comparison websites are a great place to start because they will give you an accurate picture of the different deals out there so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Make sure you check out all the deals and offers available such as student discounts so you can take advantage of more savings.

If you’re already insured it’s a good idea to approach your current insurer too as you’ll often be rewarded for taking out another policy. A good company will want to hold on to loyal customers so may offer perks to choose temporary insurance with them.

If you have driving convictions, points on your licence or have made insurance claims before then you’ll find it very hard to get a policy, so even if you don’t need temporary insurance now it’s always a good idea to be a careful driver so you’ve got a better chance if you need it in the future.