What is Methothelioma?

Malignancy is a decimating pain, the recurrence of which is slowly expanding everywhere throughout the world. In spite of the fact that it contrasts as indicated by the kind of growth and where it happens, disease may be cured if legitimately mediated at the ideal time. The right treatment, supported by experts and the right innovation can give basic life backing to growth patients.


Then again, this circumstance additionally implies malignancy patients must experience a long and confused methodology. Tumor patients get the most noteworthy backing from medicinal foundations. Restorative foundations worked in the treatment of growth must have encountered and specific work force, an abundance of therapeutic learning, gadgets fabricated with cutting edge innovation, advanced medicinal systems and foundation frameworks that will permit coordination between authorities. Embracing this methodology, Acibadem Health Group has made enormous strides towards disease treatment.

The Multidisciplinary Approach (For powerful arrangements in tumor treatment) Methothelioma.

The best arrangements in the treatment of tumor are acquired under a multidisciplinary approach in light of the fact that oncology is a zone that requires the coordinated effort and co-choice of numerous limbs of science. The interview of doctors in diverse extensions is to a great degree essential in the analysis and treatment of malignancy and obliges close collaboration. In multidisciplinary structures, experts in diverse limbs meet up, achieve a joint choice and offer the obligation. Accordingly, focuses working under a multidisciplinary structure acquire more fruitful results in the treatment and follow-up of growth that is in the field of oncology Multidisciplinary-Methothelioma.

The Multidisciplinary approach in Acibadem Hospitals The conclusion and treatment of all tumors is assessed under a multidisciplinary approach in Acibadem Cancer Centers. The administrations offered in the focuses incorporate checking projects for the early determination of malignancy, recognizing individuals who are solid yet at danger of disease and advising these individuals and their relatives about tumor counteractive action.

Acibadem Hospitals – serving disease patients with world class innovation.

Acibadem Healthcare Group has brought the most recent innovation to Turkey. With its produced innovation, its mechanical gadgets and abundance of information and experience, Acibadem Hospitals offers its patients cutting edge advancements the world has arrived at on the analysis and treatment of growth.

Acibadem Healthcare Group conveys radiation oncology treatment in 5 healing facilities. These clinics are as per the following: Maslak and Kozyatağı Hospitals in Istanbul, Bursa, Adana and Kayseri Hospitals outside of Istanbul.

gamma-blade deviceThe Gamma Knife gadget, utilized for the treatment of cerebrum tumors, offers benefit in Acibadem Kozyatağı Hospital and the CyberKnife gadget, utilized for the treatment of tumors in the mind and in different parts of the body, offers benefit in Acibadem Maslak Hospital. Also, disease patients are treated with the first and final Rapidarc gadget, which diminishes the treatment term to 1-2 minutes, again in Acibadem Maslak Hospital.

Most Common Types of Cancer

Oral Cavity Cancers

Lung Cancer

Mind Tumor

Skin Cancer

Throat ( Larynx ) Cancer

Liver Cancer

Bone Tumors

Colon and Rectal Cancer


Bosom Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Stomach Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Pediatric Oncology & Hematology

Prostate Cancer

Endometrial ( Uterus ) Cancer

Cervical ( Cervix ) Cancer

Thyroid Cancer