What is Cerebral Palsy? Cerebral Palsy Negligence Claims

Negligence on the part of medical practitioners leading to cerebral palsy in newborns is not a rare thing in the hospitals and nursing homes of the United Kingdom. In recent past, the number has conflagration leading to an alarming count of patients who have come to suffer this condition. We have come forth with our dedicated team of solicitors to relieve sufferers from their financial difficulties by offering fail safe representation of Cerebral Palsy negligence claims cases in the court.

If you have a case, we can help you claim compensation against the injuries brought upon your baby

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy, medically referred to as CP is a term that applies to a range of non-progressive physical and mental conditions that leads to both cognitive and bodily disabilities. A child affected by CP is likely to face difficulties in normal body movements and mental development. It is a congenital condition, but not necessarily genetic. The problems arising from the condition of CP comes to notice from infant-hood. However, the ailment persists as long as the person lives because the disorder between the brain areas and cortex is permanent, causing the victim to suffer a lifetime condition of paralysis.

Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

The symptoms of CP are medically identifiable when the child is 3 years of age or lower. However, listed here are the symptoms that can signal that your child is suffering from CP.

• Muscular impairment

• Disturbed control and coordination

• Abnormal reflexes

• Impaired balance

• Asymmetrical postures

• Imperfect motor skills

These are the signs that point to the fact that it is a case of CP. Cerebral Palsy negligence claims can be made by citing these symptoms as evidence of the condition.

Negligent Causes

There are multiple reasons why the newborn have suffered from CP right from the mother’s womb. The negligence committed can be done by the gynaecologists, midwives, nurses, medical practitioners, etc. Read through to know which of these mistakes your baby has suffered.

• Due to scarcity of oxygen caused by delay in releasing the baby from the canal

• Failure to detect seizures post delivery

• Above normal vacuum pressured used during delivery

• Disturbed foetal heart rate unattended

• Poorly done forceps job

• Delayed detection of a prolapsed umbilical chord

• Maternal jaundice undiagnosed

• Untreated maternal diabetes

• Improper caesarean section done causing distress to the foetus

The causes listed here are the common factors revealed through studies to be the reason behind CP. While new forms of negligence acts can be conducted resulted in CP, it is best to seek a second opinion from a registered practitioner to be confirmed.

How Can We Help?

We are an accident management firm helping parents of patients suffering from CP recover the financial losses through legal claim. We work with a team of efficient solicitors who offer to represent the Cerebral Palsy negligence claims case in the court with successful results.

Our solicitors in collaboration with our company executives undertake the job in its entirety so that the claimants do not have to worry about the procedural protocols and can focus on caring for their children’s health. Our solicitors review your case with their team mates and medical professionals to be fully assured that it is the product of an act of medical negligence.

Following the same, they confirm or negate the winning possibilities to claimants who can then decide to appoint one of our extremely potential lawyers to represent the case. Until then, services are free of charges and obligations. If your infant is born with a condition of Cerebral Palsy, visit our website today to have your case reviewed by us for free.