What is 6 month car insurance? Get 6 Month car Insurance

Car insurance can be very costly so if you only need 6 month car insurance then why pay for a whole year? Today people need shorter insurance policies for a number of reasons which means there are more companies offering 6 months car insurance or even one day car insurance.

There are lots of great deals available if you need to be insured for 6 months or less so make sure you follow these tips to find the best one.

What is 6 month car insurance?

Temporary car insurance policies can last for as little as a day, up to a period of six months. A temporary policy will work in the same way as an annual one, but will cover you for a shorter period of time.

There are many instances where a short insurance policy might be needed. For example you may have family coming for a visit from overseas and a six month policy will give them access to a vehicle.

You could need to insure a car as a stop gap whilst waiting for a new vehicle, or you could need temporary insurance to drive a vehicle home from a dealership.

If you’re moving you may need to borrow a van whilst you move or whilst making renovations.

Getting the best deal on 6 month car insurance

If you need temporary insurance then you’ll want to ensure you find the best deal available. If you have an existing insurance policy then approach your insurer first. If you’re a loyal customer then they’ll try to hang on to you and may be willing to offer you extra discounts.

But don’t be tempted to go for the first offer you get. Take time to shop around online for other deals so you can compare and contrast.

When you’re looking online keep an eye out for any deals and offers available as finding a good deal can shave pounds off the price you pay.

Many companies offer further reductions if you purchase a policy online and will reward you for handling your account on the internet too.

A large number of insurers offer huge incentives to pay for your insurance in one lump sum. Most of us can’t afford to do this with an annual policy but you may be able to pay for six months insurance up front which could incur big savings that you simply couldn’t make with a yearly policy.

Whichever policy you choose make sure you know exactly what you are covered for because, as with annual car insurance, if you deviate from the stipulations your insurer has set out you could invalidate your policy.

For example if you state that your car will be stored securely overnight and it gets stolen from the street, you may not be able to make a claim.