What are non-emergencies, and who pays for them you or your travel insurance company

We all hope that we will have a problem-free vacation, but sometimes things happen that we’re neither hoping for nor expecting, but the result is that we have to spend money when we really don’t want to.

With a health or medical travel insurance policy, sometimes we can be reimbursed for emergency expenses. However, it is important to note the distinction between emergencies and non-emergencies when considering travel insurance.

Non-emergencies are not usually covered by travel insurance policies. Examples of travel insurance non-emergencies are: continuing follow-up care and related expenses after your crisis has passed and you have been stabilized, any care that can be done when you return home, elective surgery, routine health care, diagnostic or investigative procedures. Therefore, it’s a good idea for you to verify what your travel health insurance provider considers to be non-emergency so that you will clearly understand what you will be responsible for yourself.

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If understanding is the beginning of wisdom, you will be a very wise traveller if you understand the travel insurance policy you are buying. Have a safe and un-eventful trip!