Way to find cheaper Car Insurance for New Drivers

There’s no denying that car insurance is a huge expense, especially if you are new to driving, but it is possible to make the most of the car insurance for new drivers you choose if you follow these simple tips.

Young drivers

If you’ve just passed your test and are aged between 17 and 25, you will pay more for insurance than an older or more experienced driver. This is because statistically you are more likely to become involved in an accident. Unfortunately if you are a young male you will pay the most as you belong to the group that is most likely to have an accident and need to make a claim.
One thing you could try to get cheaper car insurance for young drivers is to be added to someone else’s policy, such as a parent. This can be a lot cheaper but does mean that you won’t have the freedom of owning your own vehicle and being able to drive it whenever you like.
You could try the reverse of this idea which is adding a named driver to your own insurance policy. As long as they are over twenty five and have a clean driving record, adding someone else to your policy should reduce the costs.

Female drivers

If you are a woman looking for car insurance for new drivers then try looking at companies that offer policies to women only. Statistically women are less likely to have an accident or cause damage to their vehicle that will warrant a claim and when they do claim, they tend to cause less damage and claim for smaller amounts.
Thanks to these statistics insurance companies that deal specifically with women are able to offer better deals and cheaper policies.

No claims bonus

As with all forms of insurance the best way to reduce the cost of your insurance over time is to build up your no claims bonus. As a new driver you should expect to pay more for car insurance for new drivers, but over time the price will decrease if you don’t make a claim. Once you have a policy in place try to avoid making claims and pay for small repairs yourself instead. If you don’t claim for five years or more you could reduce the cost of your premiums by half.

Increase your excess

Another way to find cheaper car insurance for new drivers is to increase the excess you are willing to pay if you make a claim. All insurers require you to pay a certain amount towards the costs of any claim you make which is usally set at a fairly low figure, but it’s possible to increase this to reduce the cost of your monthly premiums. If you do chose this route bear in mind that if you claim you will need to make up the difference so only choose this method if you are positive that you can afford it.