Washington State Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers and Attorneys

Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in an accident than those in another type of vehicle. Because of the design of a motorcycle, it’s easy to see why. The operators of these two-wheeled vehicles don’t have the protection during an accident or the safety measures that other vehicles have.

In Washington State in 2009, there were 62 fatalities from motorcycle accidents. The majority were caused by the other driver failing to see the motorcycle and its passengers. Alcohol, drugs, faulty equipment, road hazards, and inadequate training also played a role in many of these fatal accidents.

Because the injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident are usually severe, it’s important that the victims understand their rights and options. Brain injuries, amputations, and even death are all common in these types of accidents. An experienced Washington motorcycle accident attorney will ensure that your rights are protected. As an injured party, there are a number of things that must be considered in order to file a personal injury case. You need to concentrate on your recovery and the right attorney will concentrate on your case.

Insurance companies are primarily concerned about saving money. They will deny and delay your claim in hopes that you will just go away. However, there are more things to consider than just medical bills and property damage. A loss of income, inability to work, permanent disability, lasting emotional distress, pain and suffering will also be important components of your motorcycle accident personal injury case.

Jason Newcombe will help you get the full and fair compensation you and your family deserve. There are three main factors that a motorcycle accident attorney will determine about your case.

Who is liable
What compensation you are entitled to, and
Who will pay for the settlement judgments
Without an experienced, knowledgeable attorney fighting for your rights, you will probably never see the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Before you sign any paperwork or speak to anyone about your accident, you should call a personal injury attorney to discuss your rights and options. You need to find an experienced personal injury attorney who is not only compassionate, but will fight aggressively for you and your family.

More than likely, you’re going to be rebuilding your life after a motorcycle accident. Let your attorney provide you with expert service and litigation skill.