USP Creation For Dummies

There’s no doubt about it, creating a USP for your business is one of the toughest exercises in creative thinking and marketing. Having said that, a good USP is also an essential element in standing out form the crowd and rising above your competition!

Just to review, A USP is a Unique Selling Position (or Proposition). In other words, it’s what makes your business unique.

The challenge in creating a good USP is that it needs to be short and simple enough to be catchy, but has to communicate the core of what your business stands for.

Well, here are two tips that can simplify the whole process – a quick USP creation guide for “dummies” if you will.

Here goes:

1) Benefit to your customer: identify the absolute benefit to your customers when doing business with you, then reword it as a statement and a promise.

2) Promise to your customer: Ask yourself, what is the one thing that we always deliver to our customers, no matter what else happens or goes wrong. (Hint, it should be the same as your benefit.)