Understanding Travel Insurance Medical Exclusions or Exemptions

Understanding Travel Insurance Medical Exclusions or Exemptions Can Save You More Than Money!
Medical exclusions or medical exemptions are some things that some travel insurance policies just do not cover. What are they? How can they affect you?

You and your wife are on a romantic vacation in sunny Hawaii. Suddenly she is stricken with intense, unrelenting pain. You rush her to the hospital where she undergoes emergency surgery because she was suffering from entropic pregnancy. When you submit your claim to your travel insurance provider, you find out that the expenses are not covered because they relate to pregnancy, which just happens to be one of the medical exclusions in your policy. These exclusions are a feature of all travel insurance policies, so if you don’t know about the exclusions or exemptions, you might have a rather unpleasant surprise and be stuck paying for the expenses yourself.

This is what can happen when you buy a policy “off the rack” at the travel agency without thoroughly examining it. Who takes the time to do that? Aren’t all travel health insurance policies created equal?

Definitely NOT!!! You need to know how each company and policy defines terms such as “medically necessary”, “stable and controlled condition” or “recurring condition”. Once you’ve paid for your travel health insurance policy it’s already too late. Therefore, you need to check it out before spending your money.

The best way to prevent unpleasant surprises like this is to go online, harness the power of the internet and use it to avoid inadvertently paying for medical exemptions you could have avoided with a different policy.

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Then relax and enjoy your trip secure in the knowledge that you won’t be surprised by any exclusions and expenses.