Understanding Medical Malpractice Facts 2016

There are many medical cases that are caused by uncalled for mistakes and result in unlikely and unfortunate events. The medical malpractices facts will throw some light on this ugly scenario.

Understanding Medical Malpractice

Before we proceed to the facts and figures let us clear one thing about the malpractices part first. There are certain common things which most of us know and are aware of, like in the following:

Ensure confidentiality about the case facts until asked by the patient to provide reference

Give due respect to the patient and not be judgmental while treating or talking to him or her

Maintain dignity while talking and explaining about the health problem

Respect privacy of the individual by not asking and insisting on disclosure of information unnecessarily

Be strictly professional when it comes to communicating with the patient or their wards

Inform the patient, guardian, in case of minors or people who are not capable of understanding the implications of the medical procedures and medications prescribed to them

Remain updated with the latest treatments and medicines and offer patients alternatives in case they cannot afford their treatment or services

Don’t surrender the case if one has taken it in their hands, and in case the situation or health condition starts going out of their hands, arrange for doctors or at least update the patient on the same

Keeping some information from the patients which is likely to cause harm to the patient is considered unethical

Charging excessively high for things which are given to them at subsidized rates, etc.

Now, since there is no way to enforce the above mentioned things, one should know what to do in case of breach of these factors. For that one needs to know how we define medical malpractices, the compensation you are entitled for, etc. You need to know the technical definition of it. We present here some of the facts of medical malpractices in the following which will help you understand the same.

Information on Medical Malpractices

The following points will tell you what qualifies under as medical malpractices:

Experimenting on human or animals for medicines or trying out some surgical methods

Giving wrong medication to the patients may or may not be due to negligence or insufficient knowledge. The death figures are reported to be around 7,000 for this reason

Administering unnecessary medication to patient for earning money

Prescribing surgeries when medication might solve the purpose

Unnatural causes of death, i.e. wrongful death

Causing permanent injury too comes under the malpractices, even if the patient has signed any paper saying the doctors will not be held responsible for the death or any unlikely damage

The number of wrongful surgeries have seen a high in the recent years

Performing surgery without permission of the patient or their guardian in cases of minors

Infections caused from surgeries due to unhygienic conditions or inappropriate usage of surgical instruments

Brain fever or other abnormal changes in the body due to the procedures carried out by any medical professional

These were some of the points that explain about malpractices in the medical field. Now let’s see some statistical information and facts about medical malpractices.

Facts of Medical Malpractice Cases

These figures given here are based only about the U.S.A. because it is amongst the highest death rankers for medical malpractices, but the factual information remains the same for all over the world.

The reported approximate figure of number of people dying each year due to medical malpractices is 220,000

The actual number of medical professionals who are responsible for malpractices are as few as just about five percent of the total fraternity

106,000 deaths are caused for side effects of wrong medication

A meager percentage of cases are reported in the court of law for fighting for justice, the ratio is as low as 1:8

Death caused by unnecessary surgeries are reported to be around 12,000

More detailed information on these medical malpractices facts can be obtained from different government and official statistics and data. The only ray of hope to avoid or fight this is by being aware of what your right is, ensure you are treated properly, and last but not the least how to fight for it.