Un-used Home Security System Features

What is something Bill Gates and your neighbor have in common?

Can’t think of anything?

Try a home security system. Across the globe people of all different walks of life and from different backgrounds are installing home security systems. Many Americans have home security systems; yet, often times not all the features of a system are being utilized. Chimes, auxiliary codes, and instant alarm settings are aspects of a security system that can be used to provide greater protection to the family and should be taken advantage of.

One very useful feature of a home security system during the day is the chime stetting. Though the chime setting is only activated when the alarm is turned off it serves many different purposes. Chimes notify homeowners to windows and doors being opened. This is useful for not only security purposes, but for keeping track of little children as well. Homeowners must keep in mind that this setting can only be used when the alarm is turned off, and serves strictly as a quiet alert.

If more than one person are using a security system, auxiliary codes are vital to ensuring protection. Six to eight auxiliary codes can be put into a system with a master code. The homeowner has a master code that controls all the auxiliary codes. This master code should never be given to strangers or even friends and possibly family members. The person with the master code has control over the house. Because of this, people cannot add and change auxiliary codes at will. This makes the house more secure and grants more control to homeowners.

Using the instant alarm setting on your home security system is another way to protect your home and family. What an instant alarm does is override the delay setting of your security system. This means that anyone tampering with your house will set the alarms off instantly. In order for this setting to work, however, all members of the home must be in for the night; otherwise, family members coming in late will set the alarm off. If used right, this setting can greatly enhance your safety as well as allow you to become more aware of your surroundings and notify you of people coming and going.

These features add protection to your security system. Most security systems are relatively simple to use, and most models will even have references and instructions on the keypad. If you remember to arm your security system and use these three features your home will be much more secure.