Types of medical malpractice insurance policies

There are many types of medical malpractices that happen around us without us having the slightest idea. One should know all that comes in the purview of medical malpractices. It is anything and everything that comes under professional folly, it might not be intentionally done but that does not prove to be an excuse for having committed it.

There is a common notion that malpractices, be it in any field, are something huge, something that grossly goes wrong in a huge quantum and with a lot of people at a time. However let us tell you it can be as minor as using a same cotton swipe to wipe blood after removing the syringe to amputate a wrong limb of the wrong patient in the operation theater.

The most common types of medical malpractices are the ones which we do not even consider to be wrong. They are as mentioned below:

Mis-diagnosis of Condition

Diagnosing the wrong condition and failing to detect the exact problem in a person. Being a doctor one is expected to know the symptoms well and detect the disease or health condition precisely. So many incidents of health condition going from bad to worse are reported every year because of mis-diagnosis. Although it might sound or seem perfectly alright for a doctor not being able to detect the exact health condition, it is not so. The reason behind it is because eventually it leads to wrong medication and the condition worsens, and at that time no doctor becomes ready to handle your case
Not Referring to Other Doctor

In case one does not know the condition or is unable to detect it perfectly, the doctor is supposed to refer the patient to some other expert. Medical responsibility towards a patient’s health is not over when the doctor finds himself incapable of doing anything about it, the profession demands that he arranges for some other professional to take care of the case

Monitoring Patients

When we say failure in monitoring the patient, it does not mean only when the patient is post operative or in the critical care unit. This is a common misconception that people have. Monitoring is equally essential in accident cases and also in not-so-critical cases, for example, post natal care i.e., looking after the newborn babies, maintain appropriate hygiene, etc. Remember why we go to hospitals, so that patients are monitored regularly by trained personnel and regular maintenance of hygiene as well as disinfection

Infection during Surgery

This has become very common nowadays, catching an infection and suffering even after the needful is done. The main question now here is whether the infection was caught during or after the surgery. No one ponders on that. If one justifies the infection by blaming the atmospheric microbes, then can they explain the cause of infection in laser operations?

Infection cases are on the rise and incidents go unreported because of the smart and thorough rubbish explanation the professionals cite to the layman patients

Wrong Medication

Administering or prescribing wrong medication or medicinal error is as good as wrongful death. Patients need to understand that, agreed that they are not knowledgeable about the medicines and no way more than a practicing doctor, but you are supposed to know and be totally informed about why you are asked to gulp those pills. For example, vitamin B complex capsules are prescribed along with any kind of antibiotics. Do you know why? It has got nothing to do with your health condition, but it is given for better absorption and for the medicine to show its effect better

Surgery Error

Most of the people are apprehensive and downright petrified to go under the knife and seeing the medical malpractices facts, it does not come as a surprise. Reported as one of the top five medical malpractices, surgical errors can cause havoc in one’s life. Starting from paralysis to other permanent injuries, the consequences can be gross and devastating

We cannot help mentioning one horrendous example, leaving surgical instruments inside the body after the surgery. Coming back to what we told earlier, cases like these are no doubt worth condemning the medical professionals to sever punishments but, there are also cases like blood clotting, which is natural and nothing much can be done about it. After surgery sometimes the blood clot remains as it is and can go and block the heart valve causing heart attack

There are many other cases of medical malpractices which one can hear about and find out by reading. So, the conditions can vary and there can be various reasons behind the unfortunate mishaps but we are sure to find out and be sanguine that it is not because of medical malpractices that you have lost your loved one.