Trip Interruption Insurance for When Your Trip is Cut Short

Coming Home Before You Want to Is Bad Enough–Losing Your Travel Investment Just Makes It Worse

You’re on your dream vacation when disaster strikes at home. There goes your holiday, but not your money because you have trip interruption insurance. Right?

Few things are more distressing than to receive bad news from home while you are on vacation. Now you have to cut short your holiday and return home to deal with what has happened there. Or, maybe you shouldn’t have drunk 6 glasses of pure sugar juice from that contaminated glass, but you did, and now your dream vacation has become a tour of infamous toilets. Maybe you are even in hospital, but need to return home for treatment. Whatever the reason, your trip is over much too soon.

It’s a good thing for you that you have insurance coverage like trip interruption insurance, sometimes called vacation interruption insurance, holiday interruption insurance or trip curtailment insurance.

Oh, you don’t? So sorry to hear that. If you had had trip interruption coverage, you would have been reimbursed and your only concern would be getting home to deal with whatever has happened.

Instead, not only are you going to lose your vacation, but you are also going to lose the money you have paid up-front for your interrupted vacation. If only you had listened to Uncle John, gone online to check out holiday interruption insurance and bought your coverage before you left home, you wouldn’t be in this pickle!

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Get the right insurance at the right price and enjoy your vacation!