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We present you 3 different scenarios where people have missed out badly and lost money.

Buying a travel insurance will safeguard you and your family against the uncertainties. But then there are people who doubt the legitimacy of travel insurance itself. I know of several people who think that travel insurance is a scam and there is no need to go for it. Even I to certain extent believed in this thought. It can really overwhelm you when you look at all the reviews that are against companies. Especially if you have never bought it before you may tend to decide against it.

Compare the market travel insurance


Case 1:

Rob tells me that he bought travel insurance from a particular company and he was happy when he bought it. He then went about his travel and missed a connecting flight. His travel insurance company simply refused to compensate him for it. Then Rob tells me that it is all a scam and to never go for travel insurance.

What Rob does not remember or may not have read in the Terms of the contract is that missing such a flight was not covered. That is simply because there was no provision whatsoever under that cheap budgeted travel insurance for a missed flight.

Case 2:

Tina went planned a trip to the exotic Bahamas and according to the travel insurance policy she could easily cancel prior to leaving. But then when she actually decided to do so the travel company kept the money and did not return it to her as previously decided.

What Tina does not tell me however is that the policy that she signed with the travel insurance company clearly stated that she would get a refund only if she cancelled10 days before leaving. But she filed for cancellation only three weeks after the travel was originally scheduled.

Bottom line:

People tend to either not read the details of the agreement or read it and then not abide with it. When the travel insurance company then puts the pieces together and denies compensation, aggravated consumers tend to create a different story. They say one side but then conveniently darken the other side of the story.

How this works is that travel insurance passes the risks of the travel to an underwriter. The underwriter has the responsibility to explain what is covered and what is not under the policy. At the same time, the buyer too has the responsibility to understand and keep in mind all the details.

1. Please ensure you know exactly what the policy covers and what it does not

2. Ensure that you abide by all the rules and conditions set up.