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Travel Insurance Covers – Types

Travel insurance covers are designed in order to meet all possible needs of every person who aims at purchasing travel insurance. Today everyone knows that travel insurance is very important matter which should be well considered before one plan either domestic or international trip for pleasure or for business. However not everyone realizes how vitally important it is to learn as much as possible about all available travel insurance covers and choose only those covers which will meet both your travel needs and your pocket.

Basically all travel insurance covers insure you and your family against various mishaps and unforeseen circumstances which can not only occur during your travel but also spoil well planned trip in a matter of seconds. The choice of travel insurance covers should be thoroughly considered as far as coverages included in your travel insurance policy is your financial and medical protection during your travel. There are travel insurance plans for individuals, families, groups, business groups, students and so on.

Basic travel insurance covers are:

Medical expenses

This type of coverage insures you against medical care expenses you can have in case you fall ill or have any other problems with health which can be caused by climate, food or water.

Accident covers

You definitely need accident coverage, if you are going to drive during your trip. Moreover this type of travel insurance covers you against all the rests of accidents which can happen to you or to your family.

Medical evacuation

This coverage covers transportation expenses, in case you are ill or injured and have to be transported to other hospital, probably even to your country. Medical evacuation is very expensive, that’s why before you decide you don’t need this if you are able to pay for this in case something happens to you.


This coverage is designed to cover all repatriation expenses, in case you pass away. It also includes return of your dependants and your transportation.

Tour cost travel insurance covers

Trip interruption

Trip interruption coverage compensates your expenses, if your trip is interrupted either through the fault of tour operator or through your fault (e.g. one of your close relatives is very ill or you have to postpone your travel).

Trip cancellation

Trip cancellation insures you against all financial losses you can have in case you trip is cancelled. For example you suddenly fall ill or your tour operator is no longer exists.

Luggage delay

You receive money compensation, if your luggage is delayed for more than 24 hours.

Luggage loss/theft/damage

This type of travel insurance covers is designed in order to replace your expenditures in case something happens to your luggage or belongings.

It’s necessary to mention that basic types of travel insurance coverages vary from company to company, that’s why first of all you should decide which covers you need and than search for reliable and reputable travel insurance companies and choose one which has best offers.