Travel delay coverage takes care of you when things go wrong

Missing A Connection Shouldn’t Cost You Your Trip

Sometimes, the best laid plans of mice and men go astray. (apologies to Robbie Burns). Maybe he talking about people on vacation? Was he selling travel delay insurance?

When we’re on vacation, we often have less control over events than we have at home. Missing a connection at home because of a traffic jam is one thing, but quite another when we are on vacation. A delay can spoil a long-awaited holiday. That’s where trip delay coverage can be very useful.

You have been looking forward to your cruise vacation for a long time. You got to the airport on time, boarded the plane and waited to take off. However, a couple of other passengers checked their luggage onto the plane, but didn’t board the plane themselves. Now there’s a delay while the missing passengers are paged, but they don’t show up. There will be a further delay while their luggage is located and off-loaded. Finally, your flight takes off more than an hour behind schedule. Unfortunately, now you’re going to miss your connecting flight that would have taken you to where you were supposed to board your ship for the cruise of a lifetime. Your vacation is at risk! Does your travel insurance policy give you adequate trip delay coverage?

Without travel insurance that includes travel delay coverage, you are completely out of luck because your ship will sail without you. You will either have to miss the cruise entirely or make and pay for your own arrangements to catch up to the ship at its first port of call. However, because you are a wise and savvy traveler, you bought a comprehensive travel insurance policy that included trip delay insurance. Consequently, what could have been a frustrating and costly experience is now merely frustrating because your insurance cover will pay the expenses you will incur to catch up to the cruise.

Of course, if you didn’t get adequate travel or trip delay cover before you left, you are in a rather uncomfortable situation, and your holiday is at risk.

This is just one more reason to go online to find policies, get quotes, compare the policies and those quotes and buy your travel insurance. By doing it yourself online, you can get enough quotes to assure yourself that you are getting the best holiday travel delay insurance for your money.

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Then once you’ve purchased a good policy that offers you cover in the event of trip or travel delay, you can make travel arrangements to catch a flight to rejoin your cruise ship at the next port of call, resume your vacation and enjoy your trip!