Top Medical malpractice stories in the news

One should know what are considered as medical malpractices to know if they have been a prey to one of them. Medical malpractices stories are rife in the news headlines every now and then. There are many ways in which malpractices are practiced and people are cheated for the sake of money.

The very fact that we are writing this page is because of the increase in the terrible malpractices over the years and the deftness which goes into it. It becomes difficult to track and condemn one whom we trusted to heal us. People have had nightmares with this.

Top Medical Malpractices

Amongst the top five medical malpractices related to the reproduction system in a human body are topping the lists everywhere. They are given in brief in the following:

Sexual Organs
This might sound weird but the trauma associated with this malpractice is beyond compare. This stands true for both, men as well as women. The top five cases of malpractices have this topping the lists all around the world.

Men experience the shock of their lives to have lost their manhood while undergoing circumcision. In some countries circumcision is done as a ritual where as in others it has got to do with hygiene and lessen the chances of infection in the area. In cases of women, you cannot be sure that your body will be treated as your own. Your doctor might think of doing some designing in your private area. There are registered cases of vaginoplasty, i.e., performing surgical procedures to the walls of vagina and even fiddling with the diameter of the passage.

Artificial Insemination
This one has surely increased because of the rise in artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy, etc. Fertility problems are on the rise off late and it has been like this in the past few years. The number of couples opting for this method of conceiving a baby is growing and so are the inquisitive bones of surgeons.

The most common mistake that happens is the wrong or misplaced insemination of the sperm in the female egg. Sometimes in cases of sperm donation too this happens.

Mental Health
Psychiatry is still a branch which has to be explored to realize its full potential. It has been misused a lot by practitioners. At the same time it is necessary to mention that the number of such psychologists is few but the cases still feature in the top 10 medical malpractices. On the pretext of healing people by dealing with their subconscious minds, psychiatrists have been reported to misuse the trust and that semi conscious state to molest or perform some sadistic acts.

Pregnancy Related Issues
The days of midwives might have gone but the risk factor remains the same with undeft hands that deliver new lives into this world. Congenital defects are reported in deliveries happening in hospitals.

There are many cases of abortion going haywire and to the extent that babies are delivered at a premature stage instead of a successful abortion. In case of ultra sound sonographies, patients have been tested for reasons not known to themselves. For example, testing unmarried girls internally, this usually does not happen unless she is pregnant. Then in case of medication, unmarried girls are generally not given

It is therefore much needed that you find out about the history of the organization well. Take people’s feedback and check for the prices of their services as well.

Heart Surgeries

Another risky affair is, going in for heart surgeries. Patients have been mistaken and their data mismanaged by medical professionals. Doctors and surgeons are so busy that they do not have the time to check for the details of the patients. They depend entirely on the records that the medical assistants provide them.

Wrong Medication

Wrong medication is nothing but prescribing medication for a condition from which the patient is not suffering. This is can be an extension of misdiagnosis.

Some of the common medical malpractices stories are given in the list below:

Blood Transfusion

Surgery Injuries

Mis Diagnosis

Lack of Follow Up

These were some of the top 10 medical malpractices that come in the fore front quite often and it is highly recommended to know the pros and cons of your doctor’s visit. Try to find out the history about the doctor and their patients. Check for the prices and also whether they have affiliation to most of the insurance organizations or not. Check if your particular health condition is registered under their coverage, etc.