Toddler brain damage symptoms from alcohol

Every year, thousands of toddlers and young children in the United States are diagnosed with brain damage caused by medical malpractice, exposure to lead paint or defective products, general negligence or even parental abuse.

Toddler brain damage can occur because of medical malpractice for a variety of reasons: a surgery or procedure goes wrong, a doctor fails to diagnose or misdiagnoses brain tumors or other conditions that could lead to brain damage.

Parenting a child with brain damage is not an easy task. It takes a lot of money and resources. For example, your child could require therapy to perform the simplest tasks such as standing, walking, eating, speaking or acquiring simple motor skills.

The financial consequences of brain damage can be devastating on a family. It could range from cost of medical care, therapy and rehabilitation to lost wages because your child may not ever be able to get a job or earn a living. On the other hand, your child may need care 24/7 and may be dependent on a nurse to perform everyday tasks. Round-the-clock care costs money and may not be completely covered by disability.

Philadelphia toddler brain damage lawyers at Anapol Schwartz have helped hundreds of families with brain-damaged children secure monetary awards that have helped ease the burden of these families. This type of compensation will give these children an improved chance of overcoming the challenges associated with their injuries and give them on the whole a better quality of life. For the parents of the child, nothing compares with the relief they feel knowing that their child has financial security for the future and knowing that he or she will be cared for even when they are not around to care for their child.

Toddler brain damage can be caused as a result of various types of medical negligence including:

Birth injuries (may not surface or be diagnosed months after the birth)

Cerebral palsy (trauma cause before, during or shortly after birth)

Damage or trauma during surgeries

Anesthesia problems

Failure to diagnose brain tumors

If your child has suffered brain damage because of your doctor’s negligence, you may be eligible to receive significant compensation to cover the damages, loss, medical expenses, cost of therapy, rehabilitation, wheelchair, equipment and even loss of future wages.

Our toddler brain damage attorneys in Pennsylvania at Anapol Schwartz have professional relationships with forensic and medical experts nationwide, who will thoroughly investigate your child’s medical history and records and help determine why and how your toddler’s brain damage occurred and who should be held accountable for it.