The buzz with touch screen problem reviews

We see it everywhere. Touch-screens have experienced a boom since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. We are approaching the end of 2009, and people continue flocking to stores to buy the newest version. Home devices are also experiencing the touch-screen craze through refrigerators, TVs, phones, and alarm systems.

The first home alarm systems began as a series of circuit breaks and wires. Now, wireless touch-screen keypads are enabled to control everything from home lighting to surround sound to monitoring movement within the home.

Here are some touch-screen pads to consider.

Leopard II provides two-way, X-10 control. Everything from lights or appliances, to sprinkler systems and even thermostats are accessible from the keypad. And it comes in black, white, grey, tan, and marble.

Omnitouch’s 5.7 inch touch-screen is also a home control system with two color LED displays and a built in USB connector. This one is available on Amazon.

Grafica KeypadGrafica Keypad from Paradox is one of the sleekest looking touch pads. With a stainless steel exterior and an LCD screen, the Grafica keypad is made to monitor every inch of your home. Built into the system is a map of your home, so you can instantly monitor open floor space and be up to date with any movement going on within the house.

DSC’s PK5590CL touch-screen pad isn’t as fancy as the Grafica Keypad, but it is more comprehensive than Omnitouch. It has an adjustable color screen, is able to change display languages, and controls lighting in your household. This one just came out in September.

iCenter ADT Keypad ADT has something called the iCenter Keypad. Not only is it a touch screen, but it also turns lights on, surfs the web, and takes calls. Now you can monitor household functions, and even personalize pages with news, sports scores, and more for every interest in the family.

uControl’s touchpad allows you the option to start a brand new alarm system with the device or to use it with an existing system. This seven inch touch-screen display can be used for dining and entertainment purposes, and in controlling the temperature and lighting within the house. Also with internet and phone connection: it makes it easy to check email, navigate the web, and check your favorite websites. The widget application makes for quick and easy access to social networking sites and checking daily items like weather, sports and entertainment.

Top three most aesthetically pleasing are uControl, ADT’s iCenter, and the Grafica keypad from Paradox—but for basic home alarm and monitoring they all do the trick.