Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak treatment

Cerebral fluid or cerebrospinal fluid is a clear fluid that circulated throughout the central nervous system. This fluid is located between the brain and the skull. The function of this fluid is to deliver nutrients to the structures of the nervous system and remove wastes from the brain and spinal cord.

Cerebrospinal fluid also plays an important part in protecting the brain and spinal cord from trauma brought upon by falls, blows or other blunt force trauma. Leakage of cerebral fluid in toddlers occurs when the dura or the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord tears. Causes for such tears could include:

Certain head, brain or spinal surgeries

Head injury

Placement of tubes for epidural anesthesia or pain medications

Spinal tap or lumbar puncture.

A leakage of this cerebral fluid can have devastating consequences on an individual. It could result in brain or spinal cord damage. If your doctor or physician fails to diagnose such leaks of cerebrospinal fluid in your toddler and if your child has faced serious consequences such as brain damage, spinal cord injuries or damage, then you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim against your doctor for failing to diagnose such a condition and not providing the care that your child needed. Cerebral fluid leaks could also occur when your child is getting a spinal tap, anesthesia or during other surgeries. If that occurs, you may be eligible for significant compensation for medical negligence.

Cerebrospinal fluid leakage usually occurs from the nose with exertion or straining. Cerebral leaks can also be caused by a lumbar puncture or by placement of tubes used for epidural anesthesia or pain medications. Leakage of cerebrospinal fluid from a tear of the dural membrane in the head can also cause a runny nose. When this occurs, complete bed rest may be suggested for several days. Antibiotic therapy may also be required when your child suffers fever, chills or a change in mental status. Headaches may be treated with pain relievers.

If your child has suffered a cerebral leak as a result of negligence during surgery or because of wrong diagnosis, please call an experienced and knowledgeable Philadelphia pediatric malpractice attorney at Anapol Schwartz to find out more about your legal rights and options. We have the resources and the experts it takes to examine your child’s medical records and help determine if negligence or malpractice has occurred.