Salon And Spa Financing – Bad Credit Loans For Salons

Salon owners have often faced difficultly in securing finances even during times when the credit market did not look bad and there were no financial setback. Getting access to business financing from traditional sources such as banks and lending institutions have been tough for salons primarily because this industry is considered to be a high-risk sector.

However, we understand that even salons need financing for managing their business and they are well organized and that is one of the reasons we have introduced effective business financing options for salons and spas. New Age Business Loans have a simple application process for helping salons get a loan. You can get a step closer to obtaining finance by filling out our online application form. We will contact you shortly after we receive your application form filled in with details to discuss the funding solutions that can be made available for your business.

Salon And Spa Financing

Our merchant cash advance works as a great financing solution for salon owners. In this type of financing option, loan is facilitated on the basis of the projected revenues on your future sales receipts. Only a small fraction of the revenues that you are expected to receive in future is deducted in exchange of the upfront loan amount. This payment goes toward repayment of the loan amount taken from us. You will not have to worry about making loan repayment during times when you business experiences a slow cycle. Payments are lowered from spa and salon and we accept lower revenues during a bad phase of business. Such a cash advance program helps spa and salon owners creates no space for anxiety or stress to creep in for taking larger loans during tough times.

Bad Credit Loans For Salons

Our financing programs allow us to provide business loans to you based on future gross sales and hence it eliminates the stress upon you created by your bad credit rating. There is no need for you to undergo a lengthy paperwork process and documentation work for securing loans from us. Our application process is fast and easy and this is why we are thought of first by borrowers when they need to secure a business cash advance. Processing of application form takes place quickly as it does not entail lengthy credit reports or tax return submissions as any traditional financing source or a bank would require. You are free to decide on how to use the funds as there are no restrictions from our end.

Financial Support For Improving Or Expanding Your Salon

Access to adequate working capital is the key to success of a business. As you will be free to disburse the loan amount in the way you want, obtaining financial support for your business makes more sense. You can use it to expand your salon space, for marketing purpose, for upgrading equipment or buying new tools. Stay ahead of the competition by securing financing support from us. Place an application for securing a business cash advance and see your business grow to new levels.