Pregnancy Negligence Injury Claims

Injuries suffered due to subpar maternity care standard or carelessness of medical persons all comes within the category of pregnancy negligence. It is an umbrella term that includes all sorts of wounds, physical and psychological, maternal or foetal.

If errors committed due to inefficiency or negligence of a member of the staff at work or your doctor, a claim for compensation can be made to seek the disbursement. We help to make your pregnancy negligence injury claims successful through our effective team of solicitors who have the expertise, experience and resources to turn a lawsuit in your favour.

Possible Cases of Pregnancy Negligence Injuries

Pregnancy injuries include all sorts of wounds suffered by mother and child right from pregnancy to delivery which includes the labour period. Following are the cases of pregnancy negligence that qualify to see the court for a viable claim.

• Wrongly done conception due to failed or improper sterilisation process

• Foetal abnormalities

• Unexpected pregnancy termination

• Infections

• Pre-eclampsia due to inadequacy of oxygen in brain

• Delayed diagnosis of gestational diabetes

• Abruption in placenta

• Third-degree tears

• Wrongly done antenatal scanning

• Foetal deaths

• Cerebral Palsy

• Hypertension

• Post-natal trauma

Our System of Work

Our solicitors believe in keeping things orderly and sequential. For this, we make sure that everything is executed in a step-wise fashion. To have all the steps properly executed as the basic formula of a winning case suggests, our lawyers have broken down the process in a series of steps as discussed below.

Step 1

This is the first step that starts with submission of the case details by the client. This can be done online through this portal that makes the job possible from home. Fill in the Case Details space of the firm with a first-hand narrative of the experience with all the crucial facts so that our solicitors reviewing the case get all the ingredients to proceed.

Step 2

At this step, specialists from our team of solicitors are assigned the case to study in groups. We understand the importance of exchange of opinions and viewpoints as a legal case can have multiple angles that need exploring to build a strong case. At this stage, the case is reviewed by different pairs of eyes to get the diverse perspectives. Legal compliance and chances of winning are voted, jotted down and presented to the clients in an average scale.

Step 3

We take it completely from here. This stage is conducted when you appoint one of our specialising solicitors to represent you in the court. Our trial solicitors take up the entire responsibility of the case starting from the paperwork to trial attendance, questioning the defendant’s clients to supplying documents. They list down the evidences they require for the case and pick up whatever is available with you. The rest they collect from the right person by the authority of the letter signed by you. The step includes assimilation and sorting of data, preparing the clients, getting dates from the court, listing questions for the opponent plaintiff, etc.

Step 4

This is the final stage where the claim is executed in the court. The solicitors keep you informed about every detail of the case so that you can give in your inputs and be completely informed about what’s going on and what’s next.

Our lawyers also do out-of-court settlements for those pregnancy negligence injury claims that do not require litigation.