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It is a blessing to have a baby in the family. No feeling is as wonderful as it is when you become a father or a mother. On the contrary, there is no worse feeling when a baby gets injured due to the fault of the obstetrician, midwife, or the nurse present during the time of labor and delivery of the newborn.

Not only the child, the mother can also become subjected to birth injuries. When the healthcare provider’s negligence is the prime cause behind birth injuries, birth injury negligence claims can be filed. The intervention of a professional solicitor is desirable to handle the birth injury claims successfully.

Birth Injury Medical Negligence Common in the UK

The obstetricians working in the NHS hospitals are high trained and experienced enough to handle the entire process of child delivery. In most of the cases, they are successful in helping the mother deliver healthy babies. However, in certain instances, their negligence during the labor and delivery of the newborn contributes to birth injuries. The result of birth injuries is often catastrophic making the baby and his parents suffer for the entire life. Birth injuries can lead to medical conditions like cerebral palsy, fetal distress (Hypoxia), kernicterus (serious Jaundice), erb’s palsy and brachial palsy/brachial plexus injury. Birth injuries can also occur due to the mishandling of the forceps or vacuum extractors. If the doctor’s negligence is the cause of a birth injury, the victim or somebody on his behalf should make claim for compensation.

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If you are looking for experienced solicitors to handle your birth injury claims, you can approach us. Our medical negligence solicitors have years of experience in handling birth injury claims. No matter how complicated is your case, you can have faith in us. We will try our best to help you acquire high amount of compensation. Do not hesitate to contact. We can be your friend, philosopher, and guide to lead you successfully through the legal proceedings. We will show you the right way to fight against the negligent healthcare provider successfully.

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What is the Right Time to Make Claim for Birth Injury Negligence Compensation?

In the United Kingdom, you have three years from the time of injury to file a claim. However, in certain cases, the victim or his family members are not aware of the harm happened to them due to the doctor’s negligent act. In these instances, the victim has three years from the time of knowledge of the negligence to file compensation claims.

How much compensation Can be Won Following a Successful Filing of Birth Injury Medical Negligence Case?

It is not possible to know about how much compensation you can expect after a win. The medical negligence solicitor handling a birth injury case can compare your case with similar other cases that have been won in the past and provide you a rough estimate of how much compensation you are likely to receive following a win. In order to decide on how much compensation is to be provided to the victim of birth injury, the jurist takes into account three factors.

They are:

• Severity of the injury

• Impact of the injury on the life of the victim

• Medical expenses incurred by the injury
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