Other Causes of Catastrophic Injury and Death

Catastrophic injuries and death are caused by a variety of wrongful conduct besides medical negligence. These causes include car and truck collisions, defective products, and dangerous conditions in stores or on other types property, just to name a few.

No matter what causes a catastrophic injury or death, the consequences are almost always physically and emotionally devastating to the injured person and his or her family. Such cases usually involve complex medical issues which can be as difficult to understand, and as complicated to litigate, as those typically encountered in a medical negligence case.

Unfortunately, the economic damage can be just as destructive as the physical and emotional suffering. Money to completely compensate the victims and families of a catastrophic injury or death for all of their damages, including past and future lost wages, past and future medical expenses, long-term care, and life’s necessities can make the difference between coping with a terrible situation and falling into a crippling, downward financial spiral.

The victims of catastrophic injury and death and their families need skilled and experienced lawyers to protect their rights and guide them through the maze of legal obstacles and defenses confronted in these cases. Bill and John are well qualified and committed to helping their clients face the unique physical, emotional and financial challenges associated with a catastrophic injury or death. They have successfully litigated hundreds of serious injury and death cases involving virtually every kind of wrongful conduct. Their special expertise in medical issues, however, distinguishes them and their ability to manage the difficulties their clients face in these cases.