Obstetrical malpractice insurance cost

Obstetrics refers to the surgical specialty dealing with the care of a woman and her offspring during pregnancy, childbirth and the period shortly after birth.

Complications during labor and delivery can happen at any time and can have a serious impact on the course of the baby’s birth and outcome for both the baby and the mother. During the prenatal period, the mother can develop various complications such as hypertension, heart disease, gestational diabetes, kidney problems, blood clots and other issues that need ongoing care and management. Any of these factors can seriously complicate the course of a pregnancy and birth.

Obstetrical malpractice means failure to diagnose one or more of these complications that end up resulting in serious injury to the mother or the child. Medical negligence as a result of obstetrical malpractice can result in severe birth injuries for the child or mother or both. It could even result in the death of the mother or baby. If you have been the victim of obstetrics malpractice in Pennsylvania, you need to consult an experienced Philadelphia obstetrics malpractice attorney to find out about your legal rights and options. Your doctor should be held civilly responsible for the damages, injuries and/or loss caused by such medical negligence.
Complications that could lead up to an obstetric malpractice claim include:
Preeclampsia and eclampsia


Pregnancy-induced hypertension

Vaginal breach delivery

Instrumental delivery

Complications from a Cesarean Section (C-Section)

Uterine rupture

Postpartum hemorrhage

Obstetric malpractice lawsuits can also be filed if your physician prescribed a dangerous drug during pregnancy that causes birth defects or if a delay in diagnosis or a misdiagnosis of the mother’s or baby’s declining health occurs. Failure to perform an emergency C-Section could cause brain damage, cerebral palsy or other birth defects. Putting too much pressure on the baby’s head, shoulder or neck during delivery can lead to Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy. Complications could also occur if your obstetrician does not closely monitor the health of your baby after a traumatic birth.
If you believe that you or your child has been the victim of obstetrical medical malpractice, please contact our Philadelphia surgeon malpractice attorneys at Anapol Schwartz for a free consultation. We will fight for your rights and make sure you receive the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.