Novel Home Security System Ideas

One way to help your family in a multitude of ways in dealing with a home security system is to consider the inexpensive application of window film. The windows in your home can let in beautiful scenery, light and fresh air, but they also let in the harmful ultraviolet rays as well as harmful intruders. Window film is a novel way to deal with both of these issues in a way that saves you money and gives you piece of mind and is a great start in a novel home security system.

The composition of window film is made up of polyester and metal alloys that are held together with adhesive to attain a film like protective coating that you can apply on your windows to achieve the same effect as double pane windows for a mere fraction of the price. Applying this window film is an easy venture. It can increase the durability strength and effectiveness of your window against shatter, break-in attempts, and high gusts of winds as caused by storms. It also blocks almost 100% of the ultraviolet rays that can harm you and cause such conditions as skin cancer.

Compare the various strengths and shades to find what is right for your home and you can start saving on your cooling and heating bills with the window film. It reduces solar gain in the summer and insulates better in the winter. All you really need to start is a spray bottle full of solution to mount it, which is easy to make with one bottle of film aid diluted into water and no-tears baby shampoo. Next you will need some tools to apply it such as a squeegee and a break away utility knife for scraping. Simply follow the instructions on your bottle and you will be able to easily increase your homes security system.

Make a plan with your family where to hide in the case of a break-in; this is especially good for children that may not know what to do when woken up terrified by a burglar. Teach them to dial 911 if possible and try to establish an escape route if necessary. Also let them know before a break-in ever happens, that if they see anything funny happening outside of your property to let you know. Kids can sometimes be more vigilant this way due to their natural curiosity and may notice something like a car that has been parked outside your house for a few hours everyday. Things that adults may tend to overlook.

Use anti-climb paint to paint your drain pipes, it is a type of paint that never fully dries and always remains slippery and wet. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to try and scale your house if your drainpipes were painted with this stuff. This also makes is far more possible for the police to catch a possible perpetrator as the paint would smear off on them and leave a very obvious sign that they were attempting to rob your home.