Motorcycle Accident Statistics that Riders Should Know

Motorcycle accidents that riders should know are statistics that are shocking when looked at. During 2007 there were 4900, according to a major incident study that was done by the University of Southern California. The study data analyzed thousands of motorcycle accidents and it became apparent what the cause of the largest number of accidents was caused by.

There were close to 900 motorcycle crashes in the Los Angeles area and the statistics were that close to three quarters of occurring in the area involved a collision with another vehicle. Most of these were passenger vehicles, meaning cars.

There about twenty-five percent of the motorcycle accidents that were single vehicle crashes, where the motorcycle crashed on the roadway or a fixed object. In this type of motorcycle accident rider error was a factor in approximately two-thirds of the crashes. Intersections were the most common place in Los Angeles that motorcycle accidents took place.

This same study found that motorcycle failure was only present in approximately three percent of the single vehicle motorcycle accidents. The most common statistic in single vehicle motorcycle crashes was cause by over breaking or actually sliding on the roadway. This data also found that the average motorcycle crash speed was about 21.5 miles per hour, which was reduced from 29.8 miles per hour. It also showed that at least fifty percent of the riders were wearing helmets at the time of the crash.

The ages that were dominant in these motorcycle accidents were males between the ages of 16 and 24, while most of the motorcycle crashes were involved in males the motorcycle riders between the ages between 30 and 50 were under represented. Motorcycle accident statistics that riders should know shows the dangers of riding a motorcycle and Los Angeles is not immune and to further describe the data findings.