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Whether a motorcycle accident involves one motorbike on a gravel road, or a motorcycle and another vehicle (car, truck, bus, or train), it is essential to have an accident case evaluated by an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. The complex procedures involved in dealing with insurance companies do not usually work to the advantage of consumers who attempt to obtain compensation on their own.

We Recover Damages for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Contact the Wisconsin motorcycle accident law firm of Aiken & Scoptur, S.C. to schedule a free initial consultation if you have suffered a catastrophic injury or lost a husband, father, wife, mother, son, or daughter in a motorcycle accident. We have recovered more than $100 million for personal injury victims in cases that had been rejected by other law firms.

A Track Record of Success on Behalf of the Injured

Because of the prejudice that many people have against motorcyclists, it is vital to have the advantage of aggressive advocacy of lawyers who have a track record of success. When an insurer refuses to make an adequate settlement offer, and a case goes to court, a knowledgeable attorney can help ensure that the jury includes motorcyclists.

When Motorcycle Season becomes Accident Season

Spring is a time of year when many motorcycle accidents seem to happen. After a long winter, motorists have become unaccustomed to watching out for motorcycles. Roads may be slick with rain or sand, and motorcyclists themselves are getting acclimated to riding again after months of inactivity.

Dangers inherent in Cycling

Motorcycle accidents often occur because a driver of a car fails to yield right of way to a motorcycle. Cars tend to make left-hand turns in front of motorcycles, swerve into lanes where motorcycles are riding, and perform many more negligent driving maneuvers that may result in injuries and deaths to riders.

At highway speeds, motorcycle operators have very little protection in a collision. High speed accidents inevitably result in serious or catastrophic injuries: head, neck, back, or spinal cord injury; fractures, skin burn, or amputation.

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