Milwaukee and Mid-state Wisconsin Closed Head Injury Lawyer

Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents often cause closed head injury. Brain damage in a pedestrian-car accident or bicycle-car accident may result when the victim is thrown into the air or struck on the head by the colliding vehicle.

Free Consultation for Closed Head Injury Victims

We have helped obtain more than $100 million in damages for clients whose personal injury cases had been turned down by other law firms. We are in law practice to help victims of injuries such as closed head injury (and their families) obtain the compensation they need and deserve after a serious traffic accident.

Closed Head Injury Victims and Recovery: Appearances are Deceiving

Brain injury cases can be challenging to prosecute because, after a period of time, the victim appears well to casual observers. But family members, coworkers, and others close to the victims often notice subtle and not-so-subtle disabilities such as short-term memory loss or the inability to concentrate or carry on a logical conversation. Head injury victims often try to put their best foot forward and hide their limitations — but their disabilities frequently rob them of their previous ability to enjoy life and make a living.

We are Experienced Head Injury Lawyers

We are experienced, dedicated head injury lawyers who understand the time that it takes to get the full picture of the disabilities that a head injury can cause. We provide our clients with information about treatment facilities and doctors who specialize in helping brain injury victims in Wisconsin or elsewhere if they live out of state.

Neurophysiologists and Neuropsychologists: Valuable Expert Witnesses

We encourage our clients who have suffered a closed head injury to consult with neurophysiologists and neuropsychologists to get a firm grasp of what has happened to them, and what they can expect in the future.

We fight for our clients’ right to the compensation needed to pay for therapy as long as it is needed, and to replace services that victims are no longer able to provide for themselves and their families. We are experienced at dealing with insurance companies and persuading them to compensate for lost wages, pain and suffering, and losses that the victim’s spouse and children experience. Our brain damage attorneys have recovered some of the largest personal injury verdicts in Wisconsin history. We are lawyer’s lawyers, who often represent other attorneys, judges, and doctors when they are injured in accidents.