Mesothelioma Settlement Amounts

As a main mesothelioma law office with a demonstrated reputation, Simmons Hanly Conroy and its lawyers have spoken to a great many people with mesothelioma cases and recouped a huge number of dollars in mesothelioma settlements and verdicts on their behalf Mesothelioma Settlement Amounts.

Our asbestos legal counselors have the assets and experience to consider asbestos organizations and makers responsible for neglecting to caution their representatives and deciding item clients of the dangers of asbestos introduction. In the event that you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or an alternate asbestos-related infection, our asbestos lawyers will work to secure a mesothelioma settlement for your benefit.

The firm has secured a few asbestos verdicts for the benefit of our customers. One historic point decision was for $250 million to Roby Whittington, a resigned steel specialist from Indiana. Roby was diagnosed with mesothelioma in the wake of working at U.S. Steel for a long time. This decision remains as the biggest asbestos decision against a solitary respondent ever.

Simmons Shareholder Perry Browder, who spoke to Roby, said the decision sent an essential message to expansive enterprises that they will be considered responsible for their careless choices to utilize asbestos, in spite of knowing the dangers.

It’s a message the Firm keeps on sending today. Two late examples of overcoming adversity include a $2.86 million decision for a Delaware assembly line laborer and a $3 million decision for a New York pipefitter. Perused all the more about those cases and different results secured through the commitment and diligent work of our mesothelioma lawyers underneath.

Past Mesothelioma Cases: Verdicts & Settlements

$250 Million Awarded in Mesothelioma Case

$34.1 Million Awarded to Missouri Resident

$ 3 Million Awarded to New York Pipefitter

$2.86 Million Awarded to Delaware Factory Worker

$3 Million Awarded to Missouri Dry Wall Worker

$2.3 Million Awarded to California Shipyard Worker

$3.65 Million Awarded to NC HVAC/Shipyard Worker

$2.92 Million Awarded to Nevada Operating Engineer

$1.67 Million Awarded to 76-year-old Navy Veteran

$2 Million Awarded to Illinois Powerhouse Worker

$3.45 Million Awarded to New Jersey Truck Mechanic

$3.6 Million Awarded to 72-year-old Auto Mechanic

$2.5 Million Awarded to Iowa Plastics Factory Worker

$3.9 Million Awarded to 50-year-old Missouri Engineer

$3 Million Awarded to Illinois Millwright

$3 Million Awarded to Career Navy Veteran

$2.85 Million Awarded to Ohio Electrician

$3 Million Awarded to Idaho Auto Mechanic

$2 Million Awarded to Georgia Navy Veteran

$2.3 Million Awarded to Missouri Powerhouse specialist

$2.82 Awarded to 60-year-old Mississippi Mechanic

$2.1 Million Awarded to Indiana Steelworker

$3.2 Million Awarded to Illinois Steelworker

$2 Million Awarded to Florida Navy Boiler Tender

$3.7 Million Awarded to Illinois HVAC Worker

$1.86 Million Awarded to 79-year-old Illinois Worker

$2.4 Million Awarded to Missouri Insulator Worker

2.4 Million Awarded to 73-year-old Ohio Mechanic

$2.5 Million Awarded to Missouri Aircraft Mechani