Merchant Cash Advance interest rates uk

A merchant cash advance from New Age Business Loans works as a favorable funding option for scores of small business owners and mid-sized business houses. Extending business financing in the form of merchant cash advance program requires less documentation process as compared to traditional business financing schemes.

It is an alternative funding solution which decides the amount of loan to be extended to a business on the future sales. Financing help is also extended to business owners with poor credit records and those who were deprived of loans from traditional financing sources. The best part is that you will have access to business loans without any restrictions being imposed on its use. A borrower with good record of gross revenues can qualify easily for this form of business financing solution. There is no requirement for you to change the credit card processing company. Fill in the application form and learn the amount of funds that can be made available for your company under this program.

What Is A Merchant Cash Advance?

An agreement entered into by a borrower to sell off his expected receivables from future sales at discounted rates for securing access to an up-front bulk cash advance is called as a merchant cash advance program. Most lending agencies will extend business loans on the condition that a certain fraction of the revenues from future sales will be deducted electronically. They also accept credit card payments. Such a method can work in the best interest of borrowers as they will not have to make bulk payments each month. When a company undergoes slow cycle in terms of sales and revenues then the amount to be paid back on the loan also shrinks. This form of financial solution takes the burden involved in making large monthly payments. Moreover, there is not much effort in repaying the loan as payments can be done electronically.

Merchant Cash Advanced Without Credit Card Processing

We intend to help out an increasing number of businesses with our financing programs and hence we provide merchant cash advances. It is designed to benefit firms that have no credit card processing feature. In this financing solution, payments are received not largely through the credit card processor but on the basis of the system where a fraction of the revenues are deposited. Business owners, receiving majority of their revenues through different payment methods, are benefited through such a system. We intend to bring out effective and innovative financing solutions to help our clients secure adequate access to working capital.

Have A Merchant Cash Advance Already

A lot of our clients approach us for merchant cash advance after they have a bitter experience of taking this alternative solution from other lending companies. Higher rate of payments charged by other lender for merchant cash advance, inadequate funding and additional fees are the main reasons why business owners are moving away from their first lender. Clients with no willingness to overpay for next advance or dissatisfied with service of their first lenders are also seeking funding solutions from us.

New Age Business Loans can help you get rid of a financially burdening cash advance program and enable you to get into a better program. Payments for the earlier cash advance program can be made through our help. It will introduce you to a less expensive funding program, which does not require additional fees and proves to be very helpful for removing all your financing troubles. We are reliable source of business funding source and you can look forward to securing loans at competitive rates, without bearing the extra cost burden that other lending firms force you to pay. Call us or place an online application to get a free quote and learn the difference made to your business with our beneficial lending program.

Why Use New Age Business Loans

We aim at empowering small to medium sized businesses to go ahead with their business plans by securing prompt and flexible financing solutions from us. You can trust us for realizing your business financing needs as we have the highest standards and quality lending practices. Fill out an online form in order to qualify for receiving business loans from us. We will also let you know the exact amount of cash financing that can be made available for your business. There is no need for you to furnish tax returns or show proof of good credit scores to qualify for business financing. It takes only a few steps to complete the application process as compared to the elaborate and time-consuming methods used in traditional banking applications. A large number of clients get sanction for their loans very quickly. Given that securing access to adequate working capital has become a challenge in today’s economic environment, the flexible and fast application process prompts greater number of people to seek a merchant cash advance as a brilliant financing solution.

Funding Uses

Any of the business requirements can be fulfilled with a merchant cash advance. Whether it is for undertaking expansion in new markets or purchasing new equipments or inventory or only to meet short-term business goals, cash advance can be used as per you discretion. Stay ahead of your competitors by making optimum use of the financing offered at New Age Business Loans.