Medical malpractice statistics 2016

Medical malpractice is a leading cause of wrongful death. This fact alone is enough to look into the matter gravely and take precautionary measures to prevent such instances. Statistics help to study particular situation and draw analysis about the impact of a condition on our lives.

Medical malpractice statistics help to determine the leading cause of injury. It helps to analyze if the sufferer is eligible to make a claim and if he stands a chance at winning the case. Besides, for many it is the question of receiving justice against the harm done to them. Hence, here are a few medical malpractice cases for your reference.

Instances of Filing Cases
The number of doctors getting sued for malpractices is alarmingly large. Every year around 25% of the doctors are charged with medical malpractices cases. Interns too are accused of malpractices charges. Around1500 interns were levied with malpractices charges in the last year. The bad news is that 50% to 65 % of the doctors are sued at least once in their career. It is estimated that of all the malpractices cases, 50% were against the surgeons. One disturbing fact that was found out was that almost 83 % cases belonged to merely 75 counties. These counties were richest and biggest. This denotes a close relation between medical malpractices and places that are thickly populated and high income generating.
Reasons for Malpractice Cases
There are different reasons against which a case of medical malpractice is filed. Death is the first reason of malpractice with 23% followed by brain injuries at 9%, Other major reasons include genital injuries at 7%, leg injuries at 5%, cancer and spinal cord injuries at 4%, paralysis and amputation at 3%. All injuries such as eye injuries, deafness, , intestinal tract etc., contribute to the rest.
Plaintiff Verdict
For all the claimants there is a slight bad news about the chances of you winning a case. Very few claimants ever manage to receive the compensation quoted by them. The jury does not believe in making the sympathy factor work in favor of the claimant. For those claimants who filed a malpractice case for misdiagnosis, only 37% claimants won the trial. For lack of informed consent, the statistics stand at 26%, childbirth at 38%, negligent surgery case at 48%, etc. In all cases where the plaintiff has sued the hospital management and doctor for the malpractice, then the plaintiff has a success rate of 35%.
Deaths Arising from Medical Malpractices
Medical Malpractice often leads to death or permanent damage of organs of the patient. The journal of American Medical Association has presented a report that states the number of deaths in US every year following different negligent medical practices. The reasons and figures are as follows:
6000 patients – Negative impact of Medications

80,000 patients – Result of infections incurred in Hospitals

20,000 patients – Hospital Errors

12,000 patients – Unnecessary Surgery

7,000 patients – Medication Errors
Many of the patients and the family members believe that several deaths and complications could have been avoided with proper medical care. Many patients are never satisfied with the level of attention and treatment given to the patients. There is another disturbing fact that came across some years ago. There may be certain level of discrimination on grounds of income, location, and race of the patient.

Doctors are responsible for the health and care of their patients. Irrespective of the background of the patient, doctors must ensure optimum medical care. Any instance of negligence may result in irreparable loss for both patient and doctor. Therefore the medical malpractices statistics will help you maintain caution and ensure good care while undergoing treatment.