Looking for a group student travel insurance policy?

Group student travel insurance is a requirement for student groups wishing to travel abroad. It’s also appropriate for (a) group leader(s).

As with other forms of insurance, there is a wide variety of travel insurance companies offering a multitude of group travel insurance policies each having different coverage, limits, inclusions and exclusions, and requirements. Some student group travel insurance policies don’t even require the names of all the members of the group.

In terms of coverage, some policies will cover the cost of sending a replacement if a group leader has to return home due to death, illness or accident to him/herself or a close relative. In addition, there are varying levels of coverage for things like medical expenses, lost or damaged luggage, theft or loss of group money being held by the group leader.

Moreover, compensation is available to pay to replace passports, tickets and other travel documents. Death caused by accident or sickness, plus permanent total disablement are also covered by many group travel insurance policies.

Cancellation and trip curtailment (interruption) are standard features of most policies; however, the terms and the limits of compensation differ from company to company and from policy to policy. To sort through all of the information is a huge task; however, the power of the internet can make the job much easier.

To find and compare student group insurance policies, get price quotes and purchase affordable insurance from reliable travel insurance companies, visit the reputable and reliable travel insurance companies such as MultiNational Underwriters which is located on our Online Travel Insurance Companies page.

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Get the right coverage at the right price and then set off on your adventure together!