Leaving him no matter what they say quotes

So my husband just recently posted that he needs a Denver criminal lawyer and I truly hope that he is able to find one. However, he says that if he avoids jail time he will be able to come back living with our child. This is not the case at all because I have already decided to end our marriage.

What he did that night was inexcusable and I will not stand for it. He has a drinking problem that I have tried to help him with for years but he does not want help. He wants to continue to drink and do whatever he wants and I am sick of it. I am not having our child grow up in a house with and alcoholic.

When he stole that car and drove it home drunk it just shows how much he drinks on a normal basis. He has a huge problem that needs to be fixed because he is going to end up killing himself if he drives when he is that drunk. I really hope that he finds a good Denver criminal lawyer because I do not want him to go to jail but that is all. I do not want to see him again and I am going to court so that I can be granted full custody of our child. He needs to grow up with a strong male influence in his life and I do not think that his father is one of those men.