Internet Security Camera – Benefits of IP Security Cameras

Benefits of IP Security Cameras
An internet security camera offers home security at a fraction of the cost of other home alarm systems. These cameras run on the home’s wireless network and do not require the homeowner to drill for wires or connect wires to his computer.

Internet security cameras are also known as IP cameras. The acronym IP stands for ‘internet protocol’.

IP cameras are connected to the internet by individual IP addresses. These cameras are quiickly becoming very popular home security option.

They can be easily placed anywhere in and around the home and the IP addresses allow the homeowner access from anywhere in the world (with Internet access).
The Right Camera
There are many different IP cameras on the market. To choose the right one you need to evaluate your needs.

For example, you should consider the size of your home and the number of cameras you need to keep both family and property safe.

Cameras that are to be placed outside require special considerations. They should be waterproof.

IP Cameras can be found separately or packaged as a set of 2 or 4. They also usually include the software to run them and a NVR (Network Video Recorder) to record camera activity.
Installing IP Cameras
After choosing the right internet camera it’s pretty easy to install. The first step involves mounting the cameras.

Some types of IP security systems require you to place a pilot hole in the wall for screws that attach the camera to the surface. All of the necessary hardware is included in the security camera kit.

Many of the new model internet cameras don’t require any drilling. They come with an adhesive back that is easily mounted to any surface. You need only remove the protective covering and press the adhesive to the desired space.

Traditional wired IP cameras are still available for home security systems. However be aware that they will require you to ensure the wires are long enough to reach the PC.

Installing Software
After the security cameras are mounted you’ll need to install the software that will run the home security system. Each internet camera and camera manufacturer will have unique operating instructions and menus.

Almost all systems will require you to input the home security camera’s IP address. This address is found on the product’s box. Write this number down and keep it safe. It is used for viewing with the camera.

Also be certain that your home computer has sufficient space on the hard drive to record video from the internet camera.

A space saving option is the motion sensor. You can turn on the motion sensor and the camera will only record when it picks up motion in its viewing range.

Most internet security cameras are equipped with a unique password that limits who can view the video footage recorded on the hard drive. The homeowner must approve anyone who has access to the footage by giving them the password.

The option to install a home security system via internet security cameras opens the door for many more homeowners to protect their family and their property.

It’s a much more affordable option – with no monthly monitoring fees. Plus you can watch over your home from anywhere in the world (with internet access).