In the United States Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

With so many people struggling to make ends meet the last thing we need is huge car insurance bills each month. However, if you’re struggling with the costs of car insurance there are steps you can take to get cheap car insurance and significantly reduce the amount you pay.

Make sure you shop around to find the cheapest car insurance online. You can get an instant quote on most major car insurance websites, or you can use price comparison sites to see the bigger picture.

When you look online for very cheap car insurance make sure you include everything you require in it. The most basic insurance will be the cheapest but it may not give you all the cover that you need.

When it comes to cheaper car insurance the type of car you drive really makes a difference. Cars fall into one of fifty groups in terms of the costs of insuring them. These groups are based on a number of factors such as the engine size, how fast the car can go, how expensive the car is and how difficult and expensive it is to replace parts. If you want the cheapest car insurance then choose a car at the cheaper end of the scale with a smaller engine size.

The times and places you drive can also affect your insurance. Some insurers can now fit a black box to your vehicle which allows for ‘pay as you go’ insurance. This method is good if you don’t need to drive in rush hour or if you only drive a small number of miles each week.

Making your vehicle secure is essential if you want to pay the least possible amount for car insurance. Make sure you have an immobiliser and a good quality alarm system fitted. If it’s possible park off the road in a garage or on a driveway too.

Adding other drivers to your insurance can sometimes reduce the premiums. If you are a younger driver you can sometimes cut insurance costs by becoming a named driver on a parent’s car. However if you do this you must not be the car’s main driver so if you plan to drive the vehicle a lot you could run into problems if you need to make a claim.

Your no claims bonus is the best way to reduce your car insurance over time and not claiming for five years or more could cut your costs by up to fifty percent. Being a carefully driver really does pay off because if you can avoid claiming you can save money. Try to budget for small repairs so you can pay for them yourself rather than using your insurance as this will also help boost your no claims bonus.

If you’re getting insurance for the first time then you could try increasing your excess to reduce your monthly premiums, but bear in mind that if you do have an accident or need repairs you will have to pay more, so if you don’t have the money to cover the costs then don’t increase the excess.