In the United States Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Whether you’re eighteen or eighty, if you’ve just passed your driving test then you’ll be placed in a higher risk category by insurers, meaning the cost of your insurance will be bumped up.

However, if you’re looking for car insurance for new drivers you can find cheaper policies if you know where to look. Read these tips to find out how to find cheap car insurance for new drivers.
Your Vehicle
For any driver, the type of vehicle they choose has a large bearing on the cost of their insurance. If you’ve just got your licence and are aged twenty five or under then you fall into a high risk category in the eyes of the insurer.

Statistically young male drivers have the most accidents and those accidents cost the most to repair. This risk is increased even more if they drive fast, powerful or modified cars.

If you want to keep your insurance costs to a minimum then choose a mid range car with a smaller engine, which are seen to be a lot safer.

Once you’ve acquired your sensible car make sure it has plenty of security features. Adding an alarm and immobiliser is the only type of modification that can actually save you money.

Increasing the safety of your vehicle further by parking it on a driveway or in a garage will also help reduce your premiums.

Finding cheap car insurance for young drivers

When you’ve got the right vehicle and the right security features, there’s still more you can do to make your insurance cheaper.

Taking an advanced driving course can knock pounds off your monthly premiums so set aside some cash to pay for extra lessons once you’ve passed your test. The money you save on insurance annually will outweigh the initial outlay.

Make sure you look online for offers and discounts aimed at young drivers. Despite the expense of being a new driver thousands of people continue to take to the roads every day, which means insurance companies are all vying for your business. Many companies offer deals directed at younger drivers such as student discounts so be sure to take advantage.

You can also try taking out another form of insurance at the same time as your driver cover. For example many companies will offer discounts of you take out life insurance too. We all need to put things like life insurance policies in place eventually so why not stay ahead of the game and take out another policy to bring the cost of your insurance down?

The best way to reduce your premiums over time is by building your no claims bonus. The longer you can go without making a claim the lower your monthly premiums will become, so if you want to find a good deal now that will continue to improve, avoid claiming at all costs.

Make sure you keep your car well maintained so a small problem doesn’t turn into a big, expensive repair job and always drive safely and responsibly to avoid accidents.