How It Works Small Business Loans For Women?

Getting access to steady flow of finances is the key to maintain operations and sustain a successful small business of any type. Funds are required for all purposes, be it paying salary to employees, maintaining inventories, acquiring new customers, purchasing equipments and meeting operating budget requirements.

Securing finances for women is tougher and it is because of this understanding that we have in place small business loans for women. Female entrepreneurs with a proof to show that they have ownership over an enterprise and have been running it for a span of at least three months can enjoy benefits of our loan program that will put an end to all the financing troubles encountered in their small business.

How It Works?

We provide women heading small businesses with loans in the form of a business cash advance. This program is based on the future receivables. Such a loan program is designed for the benefit of women business owners as they can borrow an up-front bulk amount in exchange of a small percentage of your revenues until the cash advance is paid back. A certain fraction of the amount to be taken from the borrower is decided in a way that best suits the borrower. Every time a borrower generates revenues, a small portion from it is deducted towards payment of the loan amount taken. Alongside determining the cash advance, a fee is fixed at the outset of entering the contract and thereafter amount remains the same. The length for which loan is taken does not affect the loan amount. A woman may take weeks or months to repay the amount but it will not increase her cost burden. We will let you know how much the money you will have to pay for the small business loan before any transaction takes place.

Bad Credit Small Business Loans

The current tight credit market marked by several financial setbacks has made it difficult for women owned companies to secure loans. A lot of them have been denied of financial support for the poor credit records. However, we understand the need for such women-owned businesses to get financing solutions despite a bad credit history for fuelling their business. You can go for the small business loans for women option that we have in place without worrying about bad credit. Our funding programs are based on the future revenues and not on the credit history. SO chances of getting your loan approved despite having bad credit are bright. Woman who owns a business will qualify for our loan programs if they can show proof of generating revenues.

Application Process

Apply online and it will take you only a few minutes to fill out the form present on the side of the page. Once we receive your application request, one of our women account managers for small business loans will get in touch with you to let you know of the chances of getting a loan amount for your company. We will wire the funds to your bank account shortly after your request is sanctioned.