How It Works? Dental Practice Financing

Setting up one’s own dental practice firm entails good amount of funds in order to meet the startup costs. For those who have their dental practice firm also require short term business financing to meet the expenses. If you are engaged in this business and need immediate funds then you have come to the right place.

We at New Age Business Loans offer the right financing solutions for dental practice firms. Many dentists have received help from our merchant cash advance program. Our financing programs have allowed businesses to grow and expand their wings without encountering fund crunch issues. Fill out our simple online application form to begin the process of securing loans for your practice. Once we receive your application, we would decide and let you know about the exact loan amount that can be made available for your practice.

Expanding Your Practice

A large number of dental offices face space hurdles as their client books are crammed with appointments and they find their office space constantly packed. At the start of a dental practice firm it is difficult for the owner to judge as to how many clients will be added to his/her client base. Taking up extra office space for the purpose of accommodating all of the clients can add to the initial cost burden. Often the initial cash outlay becomes an overwhelming and stressful issue for many new dentists. When setting up a practice, owner has to meet office construction costs, equipment expenses, hiring costs of employees and several other expenses. New dentists can come to us for receiving adequate business financing that can help them to expand their practice firm. Loan programs can be accessed without paying off any application fees or writing any intrusive credit checks. We can let you known the amount of cash advance that will be made available for putting your expansion plans into action. Do not put off your plan of starting a dental practice firm but apply online and one of our finance specialists will get back to you once the application is received.

Financing Dental Equipment

For dentists with a practice firm and immediate requirement for funds to upgrade tools and purchase new equipment can come to us for help with the financing. We extend financial support to help you replace your old equipment and bring on new cart delivery systems, furniture, mobile x-ray units, and cuspidors among a wide range of the basic necessities required for practicing dental science. The rapid pace at which technological advancements takes place also make it imperative for dental practice owners to stock up new equipments or upgrade their machinery. Continuing with outdated and obsolete technological equipments will lead to loss of existing clients. For the task of upgrading equipment and improving business, dental practice firms can look for a business cash advance of up to $500,000 from us. We have a simple online application process for our candidates. You need to send us the duly filled in application form and we will determine the type of financing available for your requirements. Gain a competitive edge in the market by keeping with the changing technological advancements and adding to your equipment stock.