How Get Cheap Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers?

We all make mistakes but sometimes those mistakes can end up affecting us for a long time to come, for example when it comes to finding cheap car insurance for convicted drivers.

If you have points on your license, been banned from driving in the past or been convicted of a driving offence then you probably already know that finding a company that’s willing to insure you can be a hard task, unless you’re willing to pay through the nose.

However, there are some companies that offer cheap car insurance for convicted drivers – you just need to know where to look!

Why is it so hard for convicted drivers to get insurance?

Drivers who have been convicted of an offence are considered a high risk category by insurers as statistically convicted drivers are more likely to end up costing an insurer money. Getting a driving conviction suggests that you might not be the most responsible driver so when your license is returned insurers will assume that you won’t drive as carefully or look after your vehicle as well as someone with a clean license.

Even if you only have one driving conviction within your lifetime it will affect the type of policy you can get and bump up the price.

The best policy is to always be a carefully driver and avoid getting a conviction in the first place but if you do find yourself in this unfortunate position there are still things you can do to keep the cost of your insurance down.

Top tips for getting car insurance for convicted drivers

When looking for car insurance the average person shops online, but if you’ve got a driving conviction this may not be the best policy. You’ll probably have more success if you call companies directly and speak to their customer service team who will be able to tell you in detail what they can offer you.

Or you can look for a specialist insurer that deals with convicted drivers and in general you’ll find it much easier to get insured with a specialist company than you will with an everyday insurers.

When speaking to an insurance company you’ll need to know all the details of your conviction so make sure you have conviction codes and dates to hand. You’ll also need to know the dates and the outcome of any court appearances you made and the exact date that your license was returned to you.

If you omit to tell your insurer all the details it could end up making your policy void which could lead to a further conviction or driving ban so make sure you tell them everything they need to know.

When approaching insurers try to present yourself as a good prospect. For example if you have other vehicles that are up for renewal tell the company that you would be willing to do business with them again. Insurers want to make the maximum profit so if you are going to pay them more they’ll be more likely to agree to a policy with you.