How do I make a travel insurance claim?

It’s a good idea to know in advance what you will need to do if the unexpected does in fact happen to you, and you have to make a travel medical insurance claim. We buy travel health insurance to provide coverage and protection if something goes wrong while we are travelling. We buy it, but we would prefer not to have to use it.

Before you buy any travel insurance policy, take the time to find out what the travel insurance claim procedure is for each of the travel medical insurance policies you are considering. After you have bought the policy, it’s too late.

Here are some things questions to ask when investigating the policies offered by online travel health insurance companies.

Do you have to pay up front and make a claim for reimbursement? If so, that could have a serious impact on your ability to continue your vacation. It may mean that you have to return home prematurely unless you have the resources to cover the immediate expense. On the other hand, maybe your travel insurance company will pay the hospital and doctors directly.

Also, what about a time limit for submitting a travel insurance claim? If so what is it? Different companies have different limits.

Will you also need to submit receipts?

Are copies acceptable or do you need to supply originals?