How Can I Avoid Having an Insurance Dispute with my Travel Insurance Company?

No one wants to have an insurance dispute with a travel insurance company, whether we buy over the counter or from online companies. We all want whatever claims we make to be settled quickly and in our favour. One way to minimize the chances of a disagreement with a company is to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions, coverages, limitations and exclusions contained in the policy. This is easy to do online.

Make sure that you check the fine print of your travel insurance policy because this will help you avoid a misunderstanding or an argument with your travel health insurance company. Very often clients’ claims for medical treatment are refused by companies because the companies believe that the clients did not disclose pre-existing medical conditions.

Of course, clients complain that exclusion clauses are hidden by companies in a bunch of legalese. The number of travel insurance complaints in the United Kingdom rose 34 percent in 2003/04 from the previous year, from 1,088 to 1,453. While this number is relatively small compared to the total number of policies written by travel insurance companies, no one wants to be part of the group that has a disagreement with a travel insurance company. Besides disputes over medical expenses, exclusions and pre-existing conditions, there were also problems over baggage claims, as well as other disagreements. To get a better idea of what’s involved in limitations and exclusions and pre-existing conditions, check out our Coverage, Exclusions and Limitations–The “Fine “Print” Articles.

To avoid conflicts, it is important to carefully examine the travel health insurance policies that you are considering to ensure that you are getting the right type of policy for you, and that you fully understand it. This is the beauty of the internet because you can get online quotes, examine and compare policies, coverages, limitations and exclusions and then purchase the right policy without leaving home.

To find and compare travel insurance policies, get price quotes and purchase affordable travel health insurance from reliable travel medical insurance companies, visit the reliable online travel insurance carriers listed on our Online Travel Insurance Companies pages.

Invest a little time, check and compare online policies before you buy, and carefully examine your chosen policy before so that you understand it completely. Then you will not have to be one of the unfortunate few whose claims have been denied. Also, if you understand your policy you have a better chance of winning your claim because you will be arguing from a knowledgeable position.