Hospital compensation claim letter template

Hospital Compensation Claims

Claims made for medical negligence acts committed in hospitals came to be categorized as hospital compensation claims. Any seemingly wrong action unjustified by the medical team with negative consequences in hospitals and nursing homes can be brought under this classification.

We offer help through an effective team of legal experts that works in close coordination to study a case, collect materials and build a case that is sure to be considered in the court as against the opponent. We understand the importance of having a reserve of resources when someone in the family is sick, and hence our aim, for all times, is to acquire the maximum payout that a case deserves for our clients.

Some Examples of Hospital Negligence

There are innumerable kinds of medical negligence that takes place within a hospital premise. Almost all hospitals, famed and start-ups, have a history of medical negligence. Studies conducted on these cases extracted from diverse institutes show that some of them are the commonest. They’ve been filtered out for your ease of understanding.

• Negligent surgeries

• Dispensing errors

• Misdiagnosed conditions

• Wrong site operation

• Childbirth injuries

• Multiple operations due to complications from wrongly done surgeries

• Inappropriate dressing of sores

• Death and stillbirth

Though other rare cases are also reported in the hospitals, these ones initiate the majority of hospital negligence claims.
When to Claim for Hospital Compensation?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions shot by our clients. There is no definite time when you can make a claim. The statutory time limit is three years since the diagnosis of the injury. Within the time period, anybody can make a claim. However, if your question is directed towards the eligibility of a case, then four general parameters can decide if your case is entitled a compensatory award. Check if your case satisfies the following:

• Breach of doctor’s duty of care

• Violation of patients’ right to care

• Transgression resulted in considerable injuries

• A substantial amount of cash spent on the cure of negligence-caused injuries

If the concerned case meets these four basic requirements, then you can surely bring a case on your opponent after a brief discussion with your lawyer. Sometimes, even when you have a case, winning chances are diminished because of certain odds and ends that work against the truth. So, in that case, you need a proficient lawyer who can either make ends meet against all odds or can review the case thoroughly to understand your chances.

Why Appoint Us?

Our lawyers are very cooperative and work on no-win-no-fee policy. They do not claim upfront charges all throughout the case. Moreover, fees decided on are charged only when the verdict has been declared in favour of our clients. Besides, our lawyers can be paid after you’ve received the payment so that you do not have to make out-of-pocket expenses in times of dire financial crisis.
We present a form for the payment agreement so that our clients can be fully informed about your payment structure, system and amount. While our solicitors work hard to acquire the maximum sum of compensation possible through court representation, they let their clients leave without paying should the case be lost. However, the success meter of our firm is very high by the virtue of our experienced professionals with milestone achievement made in multiple cases of different kinds.

So, if you have a case and you wish to make hospital negligence claims, check the calendar to see if you’re within the legal timeline and call us immediately for legal support.

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