Home zone security light reviews

Home security lights are a great way to keep your property illuminated and cut down on the risk of intruders. A burglar will be much less likely to break into a home that is well light outside. You’ll be able to easily see what is going on outside your home, no matter what time of night it may be. Here are a few of the best home security lights on the market.

X10 Motion Detector Floodlight – If you don’t want a light on all the time, these home security lights from X10 are perfect for your needs. It features a motion sensor that will throw the lights on if movement is detected. The floodlights are incredibly bright and will warn off just about anyone.

Steinel Dual Floodlight Motion Sensor-Black – Steinel has some of the best home security lights available. This particular model comes in black and features an adjustable aim, custom detection zones and an enclosure that will keep out rain. Replacement bulbs are easy to find, which is an important feature to consider when purchasing home security lights.

Solar Shed Light – If you are looking for home security lights that offer energy efficiency, this one is just about perfect. It will recharge all day long and provide illumination during the night. It’s bright enough without being blinding and will provide a wide swath of light during the night.

Motion-Activated Security Light – Wireless home security lights are quickly becoming very popular. This particular model has a sensor that can be mounted up to 100 feet away from the actual light, giving you more warning if an intruder is approaching your home.

ULTRAEYE 150w HALOGEN LAMP W/PIR-BLACK – Ultraeye has some of the most advanced home security lights you’ll be able to find. This model offers 120 motion zones within the unit and it comes with two separate motion detection sensors. This company excels in providing state of the art equipment at incredibly reasonable prices.

Home security lights are an important part of your whole house security arsenal. Whether you want the lights to be on all the time, or just on a motion basis, they can be the early warning sign you need. They also function as excellent deterrents, giving intruders the impression that they have been spotted, even if you aren’t home at the time. In addition, the sudden flare of light will alert your neighbors to any potential problems.