Home Security Systems Reviews – Types of systems

As we referenced earlier, there are many different types of surveillance systems available. We will briefly outline some of the most common types below, but for a more in-depth perspective, take a look at our home security systems reviews.

Simple Security Hardware and Locks
These are the simplest of security measures available to house owners. In fact, every home should have at least some of these installed. This category includes door security bars, front door alarms, deadbolt locks, electronic peepholes, and many other devices.

Indoor and Outdoor Alarm Systems
Home security systems reviewsIndoor security systems come in all manner of packages. Most are installed on doors, windows and main points of entry into the house. They monitor for openings of doors/windows and/or movement inside the house, upon which an alarm is sounded. An alarm notice can also be automatically dispatched to the local authorities to alert them to any possible burglaries.

Outdoor systems are also diverse in their offerings. Majority work by scanning for movement that is in close proximity to your premises, upon which an alarm can be sounded and/or the illumination of the area by flood lights. Outdoor alarm systems are a great way to discourage potential thieves from breaking into your home.

Video Surveillance Systems
Video surveillance systems come in two forms: wireless video home security systems reviewssurveillance (VSS) and close-circuit

Television (CCTV). These systems are generally employed in large, expensive houses where the extra protection that they offer is needed. The two systems have slight differences in the way they are installed, with CCTV being more complicated to setup, as it involves a lot of complicated wiring. VSS, on the other hand, uses transmitters to broadcast the images to a receiver which is connected to your TV or VCR. Both have their advantages and disadvantages which are more thoroughly discussed in our home security systems reviews.