Home security systems review Australia

This Monitored Home Security Systems site is designed to help you, the consumer, make better choices about the protection you seek in your home security system. The National Crime Prevention Center has more detailed information.

Home Break-in Scenarios

Many of us have home alarms built into the newer homes we purchased. Most of those systems are stand-alone, and not connected to an alarm monitoring service, who can dispatch help in case of emergency. Many are capable of acting as a deterrent or burglar alarm system, If you already have a home security system installed, consider an alarm monitoring-only system from Alarm Relay.

How burglars break into your home?
Most houses (new and old) have smoke and fire alarms, which are there to alert us of danger in case of fire. Lately, builders have been adding carbon monoxide alarms, as the houses they are building today are much tighter (less air exchange) than in the past, due to the nature of modern building materials and practices, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Other Home Security Ingredients

Having a home security system is a good idea, but so are the following:

Join your neighborhood watch, or start one if there is not one in place today.

Put exterior lights on motion sensors so that they come on whenever there is movement around your home at night.

Cut back shrubs and trees that block viewable access to windows and doors.

Make sure to stop your paper and mail when going away on vacation.

Keep the grass cut and watered while away for extended periods.

Home Security Monitoring

The missing ingredient in all these home security systems mentioned so far is their lack of monitoring capabilities. Certainly, if one is in the house at night and a fire starts, the fire or smoke alarms will go off, or a bell will ring, alerting you to the danger. But what if you are away from your home when a fire starts? Who will hear the alarm and take action if you are not monitoring it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Who will call the fire department? Who will save your house? You may be safe, but what of the lost possessions? Furniture can be replaced, pictures and memories cannot. Homeowners insurance rates can be slashed with a monitored system, often enough to pay the difference in cost.

Why not compare monitored home security systems today? You will sleep better tonight and even better after the system is installed and working to give you peace of mind.