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In this article we will do a home security systems comparison of some of the more popular security systems currently on the market. Keep in mind that there are many other home security solutions available and to find the one that will be most the effective for your house or apartment requires a careful assessment of risk to your property. Oftentimes this can be done yourself, but sometimes calling in the help of a security company – in order to get the most accurate assessment- is advisable.

This article will primarily look at middle range surveillance systems and home alarms that are currently popular amongst home owners. If you are interested in more affordable solutions, take a look at our review of cheap home security systems article.
Home Security Systems Comparison – Home Alarms and Surveillance Systems

AAS-V700 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY – Price $400

The first system in our home security systems comparison, is arguably also one of the best home alarm systems currently on the market in this price range. The system contains enough bells and whistles to secure your home against virtually any possible threat. The package includes 3 alarm horns (one outdoor and two indoor), 99 zone display wireless security system, numerous sensors, phone line anti-cut monitoring, rechargeable batteries, smoke detector, multiple keychains and a myriad of other features. Almost all of the components are wireless, making it relatively easy to install, as opposed to a wired security system.

The package does have a couple of drawbacks however. Screws are not included with the system. One tip that you may find helpful, is to buy your own double-sided sticky tape to mount the sensors, as the tape supplied in the package is rather weak. The instructions manual can at times be complicated, as the provider did a poor job at translating it to English. This would not have been a problem if the customer service was up to par, but unfortunately, the company is hard to reach by phone and it usually takes a long time for them to answer emails. While overall this system is a bargain for this price, the after sales support is lacking, so you need to be sure you can manage this system before purchasing, which is of course easier said than done.

Defender SN502-4CH-002 Feature-Rich 4-Channel H.264 DVR Security System with Smartphone Access and 4 Indoor/Outdoor Hi-Res CCD Night Vision Cameras – Price $400

This surveillance system is one of the best available on the market and features a prominent spot in home security systems comparisonthis home security systems comparison. Defender offers this package with 4 or 8 cameras for larger homes. The system boasts the latest technology in camera surveillance systems, allowing you to access live video footage directly from your smart phone. Installation of the system is a breeze, although it is worth noting that the cameras are wired, so you will need to play around with the wiring a bit when setting it up. But, as mentioned in our home security installation article, wired cameras are more reliable and of a better quality than their wireless counterparts. Furthermore, the system comes with a cutting edge DVR that houses a 500GB hard drive, which allows you to store over a month of video footage.

The system is absolutely topnotch for the price and rivals some of the more expensive high-end surveillance systems on the market. But if that wasn’t enough, Defender offers lifetime free 24/7 live customer support that will assist you with any installation issues or any other questions you may have. We often use this surveillance system in our home security systems comparison when picking a system for clients and we never hear any complaints from them afterwards.

Home Security Systems Comparison – Which System to Use

Now, you may be wondering which system would be most effective for your home. There are several factors you need to consider when doing a home security systems comparison, one of which is whether you live in an apartment or a house. Typically, home alarms are more effective for apartments, in addition to a single security camera for maximum protection.

For houses, both security systems can be very effective. Home alarms have an advantage in that they are a direct deterrent to theft. When a notice of home alarms is prominently displayed outside your house, professional thieves are much less likely to attempt burglary. Surveillance systems on the other hand are great for monitoring locations in or around your house. While not as effective in deterring burglars as home alarm systems, they are still a great way of securing your house.

For maximum protection it is recommended to supplement either system with its counterpart. If your primary security system consists of surveillance, then installing a few alarms will compliment it nicely. Likewise, if your house is primarily armed with a home alarm system, then a couple of cameras – even dummy ones – will round off your home security well.

For more information on different kinds of security systems, take a look at our home security systems reviews. Finally, when doing a home security systems comparison, it is always worth consulting with a professional security company that will give you an accurate and qualified first advice free of charge.